serenade of water 


cyanotype prints on Montval paper

A cyanotype made of melting ice (that flew away thanks to the wind) / exposure : around 20 minutes during a snowstorm.

Cyanotypes made of salt crystals & vinegar / exposure : several hours, on  “sunny” days.

In February 2024, I took part of the SÍM Residency for a month thanks to the Individual Mobility Grant from Culture Moves Europe. I arrived there during a snowstorm, with lots of ideas that I wanted to work with. But as I settled in Reykjavík, I realized that I underestimated how fast a month can go by.

My main goal was to create a series of cyanotypes made of seawater and other organic materials found in the landscape. As usual when creating, a lot of things didn’t go as planned and I had to rethink my ideas and to center myself : the most important thing for me (especially after a year of creative block) was to find joy in the process. Being surrounded by snow, the ocean and the mount Esja deeply mesmerized me everyday. I wanted the work to materialize that. I wanted it to be the imprint of moments in a place such as Iceland that was shifting due to climate change. 
Every morning, I woke up 2 hours before the sunrise. I would eat breakfast while looking at the ocean, and then play around on my watercolour papers and chemicals. Due to the weather and me being uncomfortable at the idea of putting chemicals in the ocean, I mostly worked in my studio or in the balcony of the residency building. Most of the cyanotypes are made while collaborating with snow, ice, vinegar and salt crystals that I created without knowing it at first. I also realized that rinsing my prints with hot water toned them, as the hot water in Iceland contains sulfur. I’ve been playing with it to create shades of blue, “the color of longing for the distances you never arrive in” as Rebecca Solnit would say, or the color of Joan Miro’s dreams. What happens when what makes you dream is vanishing ? I watched the ocean, gazed at the stars, walked inside a melting glacier and wondered what the future held for this experiences that have been full of joy, wonder and a feeling of togetherness with our planet. I will continue the research I started in Iceland in places such as the National Centre for Meteorological Research (CNRS).

The process included : contemplating the ocean, visiting the longest glacier of the country, playing in the snow and co-creating with the sun, the water and anything I could use near me.

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